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Autonomous Research Hires New Head of Fintech Strategy



Autonomous Research has appointed Alexey Sokolin as its newest partner and Global Head of Fintech Strategy. The firm carries out research focused on the financial services sector, and its appointment of Sokolin, a strategic ‘futurist’, is a welcome addition. Sokolin joins the company after a career as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank and a corporate strategist at Barclays Wealth. He founded his own company, the roboadvisor NestEgg Wealth and served as its Chief Executive Officer until it was bought over by digital wealth managers Vanare. He joined Vanare as the Chief Operating Officer, where he served for almost two years, and is now ready to lead Autonomous Research into new digital terrain. His aim is to bring Autonomous to the forefront of emerging technologies and be an adviser to its clients. A renowned innovator and speaker, Alexey ‘Lex’ Sokolin is a highly regarded adviser on growth and market strategy.

Lex is a key thinker on the future of finance and the role of technology, particularly automated tech, in the delivery of precise and time sensitive solutions. Autonomous Deputy CEO Erick Davis said at the press release “Whether it’s blockchain, artificial intelligence or roboadvice, never has an understanding of technology been more crucial to understanding the future of finance,” a sentiment echoed around the industry. Sokolin said “The world’s global institutions rely on Autonomous as a trusted advisor in investment and strategy decisions and I am excited to bring a Fintech franchise to market. We will help traditional firms leverage innovation in digital ledgers, online advice and artificial intelligence to benefit their customers and enable emerging firms to understand the financial services landscape and commercialize brilliant ideas.”


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