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Waterland To Invest In Hanse Orga’s Further Development



One of Europe’s largest private equity firms, Waterland, has recently announced that they formed a partnership with the German financial software provider Hanse Orga. In the coming years, Waterland will provide the necessary funding for Hanse Orga to expand and improve their services. The company already provides both software solutions and consulting for companies around the world. Their areas of expertise include treasury, payments, working capital, and liquidity management. According to the latest news, at least 15 DAX-30 companies are already working closely with Hanse Orga. Moreover, more than 1,200 customers from around the world have reached to Hanse Orga for their current solutions.

According to Sven Lindemann, the chairman of the German company, the collaboration between Hanse Orga and Waterland will continue to add to their success. The funds provided by Waterland will contribute to an already established market share. With newly opened offices in Spain and Hong Kong, Hanse Orga is also moving towards a more powerful global coverage. Currently, the market in which Hanse Orga is operating is considered as being dynamic, going through constant changes. According to one of Waterland’s managing partners, the collaboration comes due to Hanse Orga’s already exceptional platform.

With the help of Waterland’s funds, Hanse Orga plans to follow two distinct growth paths: internationalization and becoming a full-service provider. The competitive market in which Hanse Orga operates makes it important for the company to be able to provide high-quality services around the world. The company plans on setting up new offices in North America and Asia. Moreover, through this path Hanse Orga also plans on improving their customer support, while also trying to attract new clients from other countries.

Establishing itself as a full-service provider will allow Hanse Orga to provide a greater value for their new and existing customers. The company is already providing finance and treasury solutions for hundreds of SMEs and larger corporations from more than 50 countries. The collaboration between Waterland and Hanse Orga will also be used as support for future acquisitions.

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