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British Prime Minister May Prepared to Fight for EU Market



The British Prime Minister Theresa May, said she is ready to fight for her country to remain a part of the European single market. The news came as a pleasant surprise to local businesses and international investors, as she had previously given the impression that the U.K. was heading for a ‘hard Brexit’. The previous implication was that the U.K. would give up chances of remaining in the single market, in order not to have to compromise on immigration. However, having attended her first European Council meeting since becoming Prime Minister, her stance seems to have softened. Her aspiration now is to secure the “best deal” possible, and that negotiations should be constructive, though she admitted it won’t be easy.

While addressing a news conference, May said “Obviously we’ve got negotiations ahead of ourselves. Those negotiations will take time, as I say, there will be some difficult moments, we are going to need some give and take.” To further complicate it, May wants a unique agreement for the U.K. “We are not looking to adopt another model that somebody else has in relation to their trade with the European Union. What we want is to develop what is a new relationship for the UK with the EU,” she added. The UK has always enjoyed a unique relationship, having maintained its own currency while in the EU. “We want to have the best possible deal for trade in goods and services with, and operation within, the single European market,” she said. Her latest statement is certain to appease the market and sceptics who feared her terms for the EU would further hurt the British economy.


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