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Haitong Bank Brings Forward Its Global Restructuring Plan



Haitong Bank aims to adapt new trends and technologies as well as develop a strategy to maximize distinctive elements of its service.

In the beginning of March 2017, Haitong Bank, a company listed in the Hong Kong and Shanghai Exchanges is going to commence a global restructuring plan known as “Haitong Bank 2025.”

Haitong Bank, 100% wholly owned by Haitong Securities, a company listed in the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges, will initiate a global restructuring plan in the beginning of March 2017, called “Haitong Bank 2025.”

This initiative aims to align the investment Bank’s positioning with the new trends shaping the sector as well as adapt to the current contingencies of the financial markets. The Chinese Bank has been developing a strategy that incorporates its ties with China, and maximizes the distinctive elements of its service portfolio.

The “Haitong Bank 2025” business model is Client focused and is based on three distinctive business pillars: Investment Banking, Markets and Alternative Products. It clearly focuses on the emerging markets, its close relationship with China, as well as in strengthening the Bank’s distribution capacity and its product offerings through its main distribution platforms, London, New York and Shanghai.

“Haitong Bank 2025” represents a new management culture, with new values: teamwork, transparency, accountability, communication, pro-business activity and effective budget management. Its main objective is to develop a sustainable and profitable business model capable of supporting the Haitong Group’s global growth strategy.


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