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Brokerage Releases Interactive Chart Sharing For Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn



A leading provider of financial market data and technology Barchart announced a new feature which will allow users to share charts on social media.

Barchart, a leading provider of financial market data and technology, announces a new feature allowing users to publish and share customized charts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  This innovative new feature enables the robust Barchart community to research and share their trading ideas at anytime and from any place.

“Providing our users with the ability to quickly and easily share their trading and investment ideas on their platform of choice, demonstrates Barchart’s commitment to making the destination for individuals and professionals to generate and publish their ideas,” says Keith Petersen, Head of Strategy at Barchart.  “When combined with our innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective suite of financial data APIs, Barchart is at the forefront of bringing Wall Street capabilities to personal investors, startups, and anybody with the passion to pursue their own innovative ideas,” added Petersen.

Last year, Barchart released a modern redesign to providing its users with access to powerful charting for Stocks, Commodities, Forex, and ETFs in a completely responsive environment.  Barchart’s new chart sharing capabilities allow users to quickly select a product, add personalized studies and analysis, and then publish these ideas to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Social features like charting sharing represent the next evolution of Barchart’s best-in-class free financial portal.

With these added tools and features, along with their seamless social integration, Barchart has given individuals the ability to showcase their capabilities to the global community of active traders all within one simple and easy-to-use platform.


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