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CUSTOS Bank Integrates Bitcoins Into Banking Accounts



The top notch digital crypto-currency Bitcons which is considered as the future of payment method is about to enter banking sector.

Bitcoins, the digital crypto-currency that could well be the future of payments worldwide, is now entering formal banking sector. CUSTOS Bank has announced that it will now offer accounts in bitcoin integrated with its internet banking platform. The bitcoins can be exchanged in real time to any currency available in the user account.

Bitcoins are gaining gradual acceptance as a payment medium for goods and services. The digital currency can also be bought from friends, from exchanges with a bank account and used at merchant outlets. CUSTOS Bank’s integration of bitcoins with its accounts will further strengthen their use and give greater flexibility to its customers who also like to deal with bitcoins.

CUSTOS Bank offer premium private banking services to high net-worth individuals across the world. Its mission is to keep the clients’ funds safe and offer them informed advice. The bank’s current accounts will now be extended with integrated bitcoin accounts, allowing for greater security and anonymity to transactions.

Private banking services of CUSTOS Bank are delivered 24/7. Personal bank advisors are also provided to assist individual clients, and each customer receives an 18k gold debit MasterCard. Every account is integrated with a simple to use forex platform. Bank agents are available across the world to help open an account without the need for travel. The Bank’s partnership with Trusts ensures that client fund transfers happen anonymously.

“We’ve designed our services to meet the needs of high-esteemed individuals. The latest integration of bitcoins is another step to expand the reach of our services and make them the bespoke financial solutions across the world,” said Peter Marren, Head of Marketing, CUSTOS Bank.



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