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Kyriba Accelerates its Growth in Southern Europe



how to buy Deltasone without a prescription Kyriba Corp is rapidly accelerating in Southern Europe as a global leader in cloud-based treasury management by expanding its network of reseller partners.

Kyriba Corp., the global leader in cloud-based treasury management, has announced rapid growth in Southern Europe, and that it will continue its commitment to enabling accurate cash visibility and secure payments for its clients globally, and in Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain. To strengthen its position as the world leader in this sector, Kyriba has expanded its international presence and continued to develop its network of reseller partners. This success of this strategy is reflected in the significant new logo growth rates for the period 2015/2016: + 166% for Italy and + 67% for Spain.

“Kyriba is aligned to the financial vision of our clients, and we are proud to be associated with their success. Our highly motivated and diverse teams, who are located in Southern Europe, deliver and support the strategy and vision of Kyriba every day,” said Edi Poloniato, VP Southern Europe, Sales & Marketing.

In Italy, Buzzi Unicem, a MIB 30 company, is among the organizations who have chosen Kyriba in 2016, and who join a distinguished list of existing Italian clients such as Alpitour S.p.A, Valagro and others.