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PNC Bank Reinvents – and Eases – the Homebuying Experience With Home Insight® Planner



To lessen home-buying stress, PNC is introducing a new online tool- Home Insight Planner for house hunters to plan how much they can afford.

Ask homebuyers about purchasing a house and they will recount how stressful and complex the process can be. To reduce that anxiety, PNC Bank is introducing a new and innovative online tool – Home Insight® Planner – that makes the home buying process easier.

Home Insight Planner lets house hunters create scenarios using their monthly budget to assist them in searching the inventory of houses on the market.

But unlike other online tools, Planner combines a home affordability analysis and a monthly payment estimator that incorporates insurance, taxes and maintenance as well as the ability to search for available home listings.  It connects various budgets, real-time rates and loan products with a real estate listings search capability to help prospective home buyers better understand what they can afford.

“Planner is not just another mortgage calculator. With Home Insight’s guidance through the mortgage process, customers are better prepared to buy the home they desire and feel more confident in understanding what they comfortably can afford,” said Peter Boomer, head of Mortgage Production at PNC Bank.

Home Insight Highlights
Home Insight Planner is just one tool in a PNC Bank suite that assists home buyers and their agents.

The previously launched Home Insight® Tracker allows customers to obtain immediate status updates as they achieve key application milestones. Customers also can upload loan documents, review loan details and send secure messages to their PNC mortgage team via Tracker.

PNC AgentView® provides agents visibility into clients’ applications with real-time progress updates, the same real-time updates customers receive via Tracker and a weekly consolidated status update for all clients working with PNC.

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