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EGAR Technology Has Updated its Partnership in Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program



EGAR Technology will get access to Bloomberg’s development environment as a part of EGAR’s updated partnership with Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program.

EGAR Technology announced the extension of integration capabilities of EGAR Focus trading and risk management solution in part of accepting Bloomberg Data. EGAR Technology is a part of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Solutions Partner Program, a group of more than 130 financial technology providers to the institutional market place.

Bloomberg will provide EGAR Technology specialists with access to Bloomberg’s development environment for the purpose of developing, testing and modifying the products interfacing or accepting data provided by Bloomberg. The quality of EGAR Technology solutions developed for use with Bloomberg Data will be viewed and tested by Bloomberg; Registered Products will be referenced as “powered by Bloomberg Data”.

The benefit of EGAR Focus enhancements to mutual customers of Bloomberg and EGAR Technology is a quick start of information systems due to seamless integration with Bloomberg data solutions and the availability of stock, derivatives and FX market data via the user level authentication for bond trading and pre-trade control of operations.

The upgraded cooperation of EGAR Technology and Bloomberg has been driven by the growing market of trade processing; it is aimed at enhancing the capabilities of EGAR Focus line and optimizing the interfaces accepting Bloomberg Data and services for those customers participating in financial markets operations. Bloomberg’s program helps EGAR Technology resolve technical questions that can prolong implementation time and create unnecessary complexities. Working with Bloomberg enables EGAR Technology to deliver seamless technology solutions that solve business challenges.

EGAR Focus trading and risk management solutions provide straight through processing of front, middle and back office operations across multiple bank subsidiaries, investment and asset management companies and support bank treasury operations. EGAR Focus supports almost all types of interbank and stock markets operations. It is one of the few comprehensive system solutions for the FX, equity, fixed income/interest rate, money market, metals, energy and commodity derivatives markets; in real time mode it provides position keeping, pricing, reporting, asset, limits and risk management features and calculation of multiple financial indicators. EGAR Technology solution provides automated access to external trading systems and stock market data sources, margin trading and trust assets functionality, and effective portfolio management tools.

The Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions Partner Program is designed to enhance interoperability between Bloomberg and third-party financial software and hardware providers that need to process, import and work with Bloomberg data on behalf of clients who want to use Bloomberg’s high quality data along with the services and solutions offered by other vendors. By creating this program, customers gain the flexibility to use Bloomberg’s high quality data with software and services that best meet their needs.


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