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Cutover will be the first completely cloud-based tool with no footprint within Nationwide’s infrastructure



Cutover announced partnership with Nationwide Building Society for a cloud based software after testing its efficiency for the past three months.

Following a third successful year of involvement with the FinTech Innovation Lab London, a 12-week fintech mentorship programme developed by Accenture connecting startups with senior bank and insurance executives to help them fine-tune and develop their technologies and business models, Nationwide Building Society has today announced a new partnership with Cutover.

Cutover’s software provides a platform for teams to manage the complex human orchestration required to plan, rehearse and execute critical events while maintaining a detailed audit trail for regulatory purposes. Cutover provides real-time status visualisation and integrated communications across SMS, voice and email messaging for all business stakeholders worldwide who manage critical processes that customers depend on.

Nationwide has worked closely with Cutover for the last three months, testing the software to ensure the success and validity of the tool. The Society has now approved Cutover for use in delivering all upgrades to corporate systems from May 2017. This is the first fully cloud-based software to be used within Nationwide.

In a rapidly evolving sector, Nationwide’s partnership with Cutover shows an advance towards standardising the delivery methods and communications of critical infrastructure updates. This will ensure good communication across teams when implementing new systems and processes, therefore maximising efficiency and positively impacting communications with customers.

Cutover’s software increases release efficiency and change capacity, which will enable Nationwide to respond to increased demand and customers more effectively.

Matt Cox, Nationwide’s Head of Insight & Innovation, said: “We are proud to announce our collaboration with Cutover. It’s an example of how we are supporting the UK FinTech industry and will enable our customers to benefit from the latest technology. Cutover is a fantastically intuitive solution to work with, which will enable us to standardise deployment practice and communication across the business so that Nationwide has greater control of change that would impact our support systems and, ultimately, customers. The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence of successful delivery.”

Ky Nichol, CEO of Cutover, commented: “We are delighted that Nationwide has selected Cutover as its standard platform for release management. It has been tremendous to work in partnership with such an innovative business. Nationwide’s sponsorship of the Fintech Innovation Lab was a great way of facilitating our relationship. We are excited that together we are already planning for the future and partnering on the introduction of new features, such as Change Event Management. It has been great to get feedback from users that Cutover helps to mitigate risk and delivers improved collaboration and communications. Starting work with Nationwide is an important milestone for us as we grow from our origins in the UK and Europe to opening in New York in 2018.”


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