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Banco Bradesco Partners with Capco for Successful Launch of a New Digital Banking Platform



Capco has partnered with Banco Bradesco to launch “Next”- a digital banking app for gen-next banking customers, available both for iOS and Android.

Banco Bradesco has partnered with Capco, a global consultancy firm focused on the financial sector, to launch its new digital platform called Next. Bradesco, one of the largest banking and financial services companies in Brazil, aims to offer personalized experiences and differentiated banking products for the Digital Millennial customers. The Next app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from app stores.

Banco Bradesco selected Capco as its strategic technology partner for the Next platform delivery largely based on Capco’s global experience in digital banking and platform development. This was a key requirement as the bank is working to rapidly improve its customer experience and support the financial growth of future generations.

“Capco and Bradesco have a shared vision of rapidly delivering personalized digital capabilities to new customer segments,” said Ranjit Palkar, Capco’s Global Technology Delivery Partner who is co-leading this engagement. Lynn Hughes, Capco Global Technology Delivery Partner, adds: “Our collaboration is an important milestone whereby our global experience and the bank’s commitment to being at the forefront of digitization has resulted in a truly differentiated banking experience for the digital millennials.”

Next is a key element of Bradesco’s digital strategy as the bank introduces a more intuitive and transparent experience to younger, hyper-connected customers. By using the Next app, customers can now open an account from their phones without needing to go to a branch. They can also send money and split payments with friends, keep track of their spending and manage their money more efficiently, and they will have more options when searching for advice. Bradesco is planning to continuously improve the experience by introducing additional features in the future.

“We’re honored to collaborate with Banco Bradesco in this disruptive effort to build the future of banking in Brazil,” said Guido Tamburini, Capco North America managing partner. “The Next project is an ideal showcase for our capabilities in the Brazilian market, while aligning with the opening of our new office in Sao Paulo.”


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