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ING Bank Turkey Cuts Disaster Recovery Time by 75 Percent Using Automic



Automic has been working with ING Bank Turkey for over 5 years supporting the organization in their efforts

Automic, the leader in business automation software owned by CA Technologies announced today that ING Bank Turkey has reduced their mean time to disaster recovery (DR) by 75 percent through DR process automation using the Automic One Automation Platform.

Automic has been working with ING Bank Turkey for over 5 years supporting the organization in their efforts to optimize and automate all of their manual processes. After the success of the initial program, Automic has been on boarded to help implement a successful and transformational DR initiative.

ING Bank Turkey is one of the country’s leading financial institutions and a regional subsidiary of the Netherlands-based ING Group, which operates in more than 40 countries. Revising its DR processes, ING Bank Turkey decided to re-implement and automate DR across its growing and increasingly complex Linux, Windows and Solaris environments. With Automic, the bank was able to continue using its own scripts and DR runbooks. Reusable objects allowed advanced workflows to be built from smaller, more manageable, modular components. This simplified administration and reduced maintenance overheads.

Error handling was also improved. “Mistakes, such as configuration files containing capital letters instead of mixed-cases, could cause operational issues,” said Emrah Baysal, Head of Systems Management. “These are now easy to detect at runtime and fix to rerun immediately with Automic. Other DR tools we looked at didn’t offer this flexibility.”

“ING Bank Turkey was already partnering with Automic to automate IT workloads. Extending the business automation platform to address its BC/DR challenges meant the bank could leverage Automic’s ease of use, rich functionality and ability to rapidly create workflows, as well as the internal skillset it had developed,” commented Chris Boorman, Automic, CMO.

ING Bank Turkey now has complete visibility and control when monitoring its DR activities. Not only is it able to track the progress of site switching and failover processes, it also benefits from automated recovery time reports being generated that the IT Operations team provides to the business. Previously, gathering recovery time data and producing these reports was a manual, time consuming process.

“Now we can be safe and comfortable in a disaster, because we know we can deal with the challenge,” concludes Baysal. “With Automic we have a living system that’s use is continually evolving within our business. This is critical to us, especially for our DR strategy.”


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