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Wealth Management Unwrapped



Charlotte B. Beyer, Industry Thought Leader, Updates Her Ground-Breaking Book, Revised and Expanded

Wealth Management Unwrapped is unique in industry literature, not selling a product or strategy, but rather providing  investors with tools and tips  to more effectively manage wealth. The reality is that investors need to take charge, and just like any successful CEO, decide not only who to hire and who to fire—but also how to better communicate with financial advisors and assess outcomes.

Wall Street veteran and a bold entrepreneur, Charlotte Beyer conducts a tour of the wealth management industry today, guiding you through the complexities and jargon with straightforward, no-nonsense expertise—everything from choosing an advisor and understanding the fine print, to fulfilling your responsibilities as CEO of your own wealth.

This book offers all-in-one guidance for anyone ready to take charge of their finances. This revised and expanded version has been updated with critical NEW information, for women investors who seek the best advisor, older investors who confront investment choices, and a discussion on both robo-advisors and the impact of wealth on children.

The companion website includes new interactive diagnostics to help you get started, assess your progress and then see how you compare to others who face similar challenges. By stripping away industry tech-speak and the all-too-common self-promotion, you will:

  • Understand the difference between advisor and money manager
  • Learn the best questions to ask when interviewing an advisor
  • Dissect fee disclosure statements and conflicts of interest
  • Find out if you might be a do-it-yourself investor and learn why that might make sense for your personality

The wealth management industry has undergone massive change over the past 25 years. New services or products spring up, yet impenetrable language and marketing hype leave you with precious little practical information. In three hours of reading made easier thanks to the bold, often amusing illustrations, you will be a far smarter investor, not by learning the jargon but by applying common sense and insisting on clearer communications from your advisor. You and your advisor can create an even stronger and long lasting partnership by reading this book together. Wealth Management Unwrapped is like a powerful GPS, offering you a much clearer view of how to fully realize the dreams your wealth now affords you.


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