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QPR Delivers Process Mining Software to Piraeus Bank



QPR Software’s latest customer, Piraeus Bank, offers a wide range of personal and corporate banking and insurance services to 5.8 million customers.

Piraeus Bank, the largest bank in Greece, chose QPR as its process mining and process performance monitoring solution provider because of the powerful yet easy-to-use functionality and comprehensive dashboarding capability of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Piraeus Bank will use QPR ProcessAnalyzer to continuously monitor business process performance with dynamic dashboards and identify root causes for deviations to make the right improvement actions that create more value to their customers. QPR ProcessAnalyzer supports organizations to continuously improve processes by automatically visualizing real process flows based on company data, revealing exceptions and bottlenecks, and offering up-to-date process KPIs for better decision making. The software also offers the possibility to proactively reduce and avoid process exceptions with artificial intelligence.

“This wonderful new deal proves that QPR is the leading player in process mining market. We are thrilled to work together with Piraeus Bank to realize the full potential of their operations,” says Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software.

“QPR is a powerful solution that will improve the Bank’s efficiency and streamline our business operations. As part of Piraeus Bank’s transformation, we wanted to smooth our processes. We also wanted to monitor and analyze the targets we had set ourselves. With QPR, we have a single, fully integrated platform, which is a very good fit for the Bank” says George Nasoulis, CIO of Piraeus Bank.

The deal consists of QPR ProcessAnalyzer software licenses. The implementation is carried out jointly with ITMC, QPR’s local value-added reseller.


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