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Unchecked Growth in Business is a Cancer



Many new and future entrepreneurs get excited at the thought of their investments showing positive results in the form of thriving businesses. Expanding services offered, multiple store locations, ever-growing client bases – to many entrepreneurs, all of that can sound like a dream come true. But Brandon Frere, CEO and president of Frere Enterprises, says that if not handled properly, a business that grows too quickly may slowly succumb to its own weight.

Regulations put in place by both the government, state and company all are there for a reason: to keep people safe. Following said regulations can be difficult if too many other tasks are brought on at once, such as a massive hiring spree of employees. With more unique individuals being brought onto the team of a business and as more opportunities arise, more variable issues will need to be handled. If the ability to deal with these problems is stretched too thinly, a business can start to fall apart. Customer service quality might go down, safety regulations may be ignored in an attempt to work faster or previously unthought-of problems may occur, sometimes all at once. “Handling issues as they pop up takes time, care and effort. The methods can vary in how things are handled, but it’s pretty obvious the difference between handling a problem or two at once at a business that has already been solidly established and dealing with a dozen problems over several locations,” said Frere.

Growth is important for a business, but a steady, controlled kind of growth may lead to a longer-lasting business with sturdier foundations. Each business is going to have a different direction to head in that will be best for it alone, which may be a bit of a challenge to figure out at some points. But having a healthier kind of growth is much better than out-of-control growth that may wind up only damaging the company instead. “A company that does nothing but grow, and gain more clients, and needs more space because of all the business that’s happening, may seem great at first to some less-experienced business owners. But sometimes just getting the ball over the net, just going a steady course, may be all that’s needed to really bring a business around to its full potential,” says Frere.


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