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Assurance Unveils Revolutionary Single-Entry Quoting Platform for Life Insurance, Ensight™ Intelligent Quote



buy furosemide 20 mg online Ensight™ Intelligent Quote to transform industry case design operations with integrated ‘single-entry quoting’ and advanced product benchmarking on one single platform

Assurance, a leading InsurTech technology platform provider of cloud-based sales acceleration tools for Life Insurance and Annuity products, announced today the launch of Ensight Intelligent Quote™, the first intuitive illustration quote platform to integrate a “single-entry” case design workflow and advanced product benchmarking into one seamless platform experience.

Many permanent life insurance quote platforms today lack the intuitive design, flexibility and single-entry intelligence required to streamline back-office workflows. With Ensight™ Intelligent Quote, case designers, wholesalers and producers simply enter a client’s parameters and case design once to run multiple illustrations across different product classes and carriers. This streamlines the case design process and costs by over 30% annually and allows hundreds of hours lost illustrating cases to be refocused on consultative selling.

Danielle Perkins, Senior Sales Advisor, Zenith Marketing Group said “Ensight™ Intelligent Quote will save our operation hundreds of hours a year, eliminating the need to configure every individual product case design to find the best client fit. Intelligent Quote reduces this process to just minutes, saving us time and allowing us to spend our resources on consultative selling.”

Intelligent Quote also empowers case designers and wholesalers to rapidly research and benchmark the life insurance product landscape within the same platform experience, eliminating costs associated with using multiple platforms. Ensight™ advanced benchmarking is run live, in real-time and is based on actual case design and illustrations (versus pre-run product benchmarking data) so that case designers can trust they are recommending the best product.

Ensight™ Intelligent Quote transforms case design operations through:

  • Rapid ‘single-entry’ quoting across multiple product classes (GUL, Whole Life, IUL, UL), over 120 plans and the leading life insurance carriers
  • Real-time, case-based product benchmarking integrated within the illustration workflow
  • Advanced case illustration management, including case profile templating
  • Pre-built, ‘single-click’ integration with Ensight™ spreadsheet automation and visualization
  • An “Intuit™-style” experience, reducing case designer training and support costs
  • A configurable platform architecture for unique enterprise requirements

“To find ‘single-entry’ and real-time product benchmarking on one quoting platform is truly revolutionary,” stated Nicolas Ross, Chief Distribution Officer, Financial Independence Group®. “This is game changing for the industry and every distributor of life insurance today.”

With API-based integration with the Ebix™ WinFlex platform, Ensight™ Intelligent Quote provides extensive coverage of the permanent life product market landscape, as well as support for the vast majority of insurance carriers. Intelligent Quote can also be fully integrated with SalesForce™, Microsoft Dynamics, and Ebix SmartOffice, supporting the requirements of BGAs, wirehouses, banks and others.


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